1. One Wheel Bicycle

    The Solowheel electric unicycle is a self-balancing personal transport system that is simple, easy and great to play with! All you have to do is to stand upright, like you would on a skateboard, lean forward and this electric unicycle will whisk you away to your destination.

  2. Two Wheel Electric Scooter

    Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle that is easily manoeuvred by shifting your weight around. Lean forward or backwards depending on the direction you would like the Segway to head towards to and adjust your handlebar to turn your Segway to the left or right. It is as simple as ABC! Come rent the Segway and have a first-hand experience on the joys of moving around effortlessly!

  3. Kids Monster Go Cart

    Which kid doesn’t love riding a toy car? Here at Wheeler provide kid-sized toy cars that are child friendly and lots of fun! These toy cars can either be powered by electronic motors or “Flintstone” foot-powered. They are perfectly safe and it gives kids a taste of what it feels like to drive a car!